Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Review(May 2021)


So many smart speakers assist Amazon Alexa voice assistant, probably still the best experience is by using an Amazon Echo speaker. Alexa’s full capabilities are reserved for Echo smart speakers, which come in many shapes and sizes at many prices.
Amazon recently launched two new Echo speakers in India – the Echo and Dot 3rd Gen, at Rs.3499 and Rs. 4,999, these devices are fully updated versions of previous models, with great features added to them. Here We are going to explore this device in our review.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) design and specifications

In the larger Echo (3rd Gen), things are a bit different, yet very familiar. The new version is bigger than the Echo 2nd Gen, it is matching the larger Echo plus 2nd gen in design, size, and specification. The Echo has an 8-inch tweeter, 3-inch woofer and it is tuning by Dolby. Basically, you’re getting the exact same sound performance as the Rs. 14,999 Echo Plus, however for Rs. 5,000 less.
There’s something that separates the Echo (3rd Gen) and Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – that the latter includes a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, which will be convenient if you would like to utilize your Echo for home automation. If this is not important for you, the newer Echodot will do just fine. Users upgrading from an older Echo will observe a difference in audio quality.

The top of the speaker gets the conventional four buttons – 2 for quantity, you to mute the microphones, and a single activity button that does a lot of things including triggering Alexa with no wake word. There is also a mild ring that illuminates for a variety of functions. The outer aspect of this speaker includes a cloth cover, and it’s offered in four color options – Blue, black, white and grey. It is largely the exact same recognizable Echodot encounter, but with a guarantee of better audio at a more attractive cost.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) With Clock design and specifications

The smaller Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) With Clock is also, for the most part, the same as the Echo Dot (3rd Generation). As its name implies, there is one huge difference here – the digital clock display in the front-facing region of the gadget. The version with all the clock is offered in just a single colour – white – and contains an LED display that shows classic digital numbers.
Once set up, the gadget will display the time, and may also be used to reveal the outside temperature, timer position, and volume level as it is being corrected. This varies contextually based on the way you interact with your device; for example, if you inquire Alexa to decide on a timer, then the screen will show the timer counting down.

The brightness of the screen can be adjusted by the Alexa app in your smartphone but it may also be set to correct itself automatically according to ambient lighting. The screen does not do a whole lot, but it will make the device much more useful if put down at your side, even if not actively functioning as a speaker or to get voice commands. It’s priced at Rs. 1,000 over the version with no clock, however, we believe that the extra features offered by the screen are worth it.
Such as the Echo Dot (3rd Generation), the Echo Dot With flashlight has one 1.6-inch complete range speaker driver, also has exactly the exact same recognizable four-button upper panel and mild ring. If you apply this Echo Dot With Clock as the bedside alarm clock, a tap on the top will snooze alarms, even while shifting off them requires a press on the activity button.

Amazon Echo (3rd Generation) performance

It is bigger, has a committed woofer and tweeter, and is effective at becoming much louder. Nonetheless, this is not a brand new sound experience by any means, and we discovered that sound quality was mostly on par with what we have experienced about the Echo Plus (2nd Generation).
The speaker can become very loud, mainly driven by the major woofer, which translates to some punchy, aggressive sound with powerful bass. It is more than sufficient for a huge area, and the audio quality is adequate for casual listening. We listened to audio utilizing streaming content in addition to a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, plus we found that the audio quality to be sufficient in both circumstances.

The audio tuning was marginally concentrated towards vocals, given that the Echo is a wise speaker and a lot of its performance will involve Alexa reacting to commands. Consequently, we discovered the mid-range for a little raised, although highs and lows still seemed strong. The microphones were fairly good at picking up voice controls certainly from across a room, and Alexa continues to improve in terms of its capacities and answers.

8Expert Score
Echo Dot (3 Gen) with Clock

Compact Speaker with Loud 360 Degree Sound

Smart Features
Value For Money
  • Display works well, offers new features
  • Very Loud
  • Budget Freindly
  • Flat Sound

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